Every child deserves the best possible start in life and the support that allows them to achieve their full potential. Children develop rapidly in the early years and a child’s experiences between birth and five years of age have a major impact on his or her future possibilities. Maple Bear sets high standards for the preparation of children for primary school. Maple Bear offers children a wide range of knowledge and skills that provide the ideal foundation for effective progress in school and life.

English Language Arts

At the end of kindergarten, children will communicate effectively in English by listening and speaking. They will have a good understanding of alphabetic symbols and be able to read a basic text in English. They will be able to use phonic strategies to approach new words and writing strategies appropriate for beginners. And finally, they will be able to use and respond on all media supports.

Science and technology

Children will demonstrate curiosity about the natural world, knowledge of the characteristics of common materials, identify cycles in nature using observation techniques and collaborate with others to use the computer in all aspects of their studies.

Personal and social development

Children will learn to share, respect others, listen and understand that people have different talents and functions in our society.

Creative activities

Children will understand the color, shape and use of materials to express ideas. They will be able to express themselves through music, art, theatre and dance.

Physical skills and well-being

Children will develop physical skills such as balance and flexibility, an understanding of sharing, coordination and cooperation.


The children will solve the problems. They will become familiar with models of their environment, numerical concepts, comparisons, sets, basic operations (e. g. addition and subtraction), 2D and 3D objects, geometry, measurements and probabilities.



Maple Bear schools offer comprehensive programs using the Canadian methodology from early childhood. We take our responsibility to our students and their parents very seriously. Strict quality controls ensure that we apply Canadian best practices in education.



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