The Maple Bear program is a living education program; constantly updated. We have a large faculty; experienced teachers and educational administrators whom we rely on to develop new programs, materials and training methodologies. We conduct periodic assessments of students in schools to measure their performance.
Maple Bear provides ongoing professional training and support to our teachers. Maple Bear faculty trainers mentor teachers and introduce them to the latest pedagogies and instructional strategies. Officials at Maple Bear's Canadian headquarters have also established partnerships with the Manitoba Department of Education and the University of Winnipeg, where Maple Bear trainers can take courses that lead to a master's degree in education. .
Each Maple Bear school undergoes an annual inspection covering everything from safety equipment to classroom performance. Drawing regularly on the experience of staff training in schools, we review and update our curriculum to take into account the latest developments in the field of education and changing regulations and local requirements. All schools in Maple Bear have clean, secure facilities and a low student-teacher ratio.
Maple Bear Casablanca also benefits from high standards in terms of infrastructure quality: classes of approximately 50 m² for 15 students, specially equipped, airy spaces, a functional canteen, an amphitheater, a video library equipped with the latest technologies, a music studio and a computer and technical room.
Our goal is to create quality schools that will provide an excellent educational experience for students of future generations.


Maple Bear schools offer comprehensive programs using the Canadian methodology from early childhood. We take our responsibility to our students and their parents very seriously. Strict quality controls ensure that we apply Canadian best practices in education.



Maple Bear Casablanca : Bd Hayfa, Californie, Aïn Chock 20470 Casablanca, côté Bd de Fès

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