Maple Bear Casablanca extracurricular activities

Maple Bear Casablanca School adopts a new experiential approach placing great importance on extracurricular activities during the official program or during holiday camps. In addition to the contribution in terms of education, the child thus achieves playful learning and discovers passions and new interests.

Extracurricular activities promote the intellectual development of the child. They help him to discover his capacities for integration, allow him to discover what surpassing oneself is, the meaning of effort. And for that Maple Bear Casablanca offers a wide choice of activities:

  • Theatre: allows him to use his memory, to make it work, to make it more competitive.
  • Music: does a lot of good for your child, it amuses them, calms them down and stimulates their learning abilities and creativity.
  • Psychomotricity: It takes into account the physical motor skills that allow movement, as well as the fine motor skills represented by the functions that allow movement. control movements.
  • yoga: it improves concentration, attention and channels energy. Thanks to the anti-stress virtues of this activity, the child has more self-confidence and learns to manage his emotions.
  • Gardening: It allows him to be outside, to have fun in the water and in the ground, and to make discoveries. Gardening also stimulates the senses.
  • Pottery: They can let their imaginations run wild, to bring the animals, characters and objects of their choice to life. Everything is allowed! Pottery is indeed an activity with many benefits. In addition to developing children's imagination and creativity, it teaches them concentration and patience
  • Painting: Learning to paint or color helps kids build their self-esteem. ... By coloring children can better coordinate their physical movements. Painting and coloring allow for greater concentration. These are excellent activities to stimulate psychomotor development.

The choice depends on what the child will have to work on themselves. This initiative allows him to have a different idea of school.

Participation in these activities influences the child's abilities, as well as the success of his or her school career.

Maple Bear schools offer comprehensive programs using the Canadian methodology from early childhood. We take our responsibility to our students and their parents very seriously. Strict quality controls ensure that we apply Canadian best practices in education.



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