Use of new technologies

Information and communication technologies have revolutionized almost every aspect of our private and professional lives. If students are unable to navigate a complex digital environment, they will no longer be able to participate fully in the economic, social and cultural life of the world around them. Those responsible for educating today's "connected" learners face a number of complex issues,

The transformations of the educational system can be analyzed from two points of view. The first relates to the need, even the obligation, to develop the content and skills to be taught. The second lies in the possible interest that these new tools can bring to pedagogy. Beyond that, these technologies raise questions about the place that schools should take in the knowledge society that is emerging today.

  • Classrooms with connected interactive screens
  • Computer code course (coding/Computational thinking)
  • Connected classes (optical fiber)
  • Computer lab
  • Connected theater with audio and video

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